We ship Internationally and aim to ship online orders the same day or next for orders placed between Monday to Friday. Orders placed on the weekend will be processed and/or shipped on proceeding Monday. We ship all online orders from our warehouse located in Borås, Sweden. 

Majority of International and E.U orders are shipped with UPS. UPS is present in over 200 countries and territories across the globe. Swedish orders will be shipping with DHL and Russian orders will be shipped with Posten.



Shipping Costs 

Shipping costs will vary depending on customers location, total order amount or the item purchased. Shipping costs will be added to your order at checkout. Orders shipped to locations of E.U may be subject to pay additional costs upon delivery of their goods (refer to Section 4 – Import tax for more information). Brixtol will not account or be held accountable for any additional charges that may arise.



All orders to be shipped within the E.U will be shipped for free. If your order qualifies for free shipment, the shipment fee will be deducted automatically at checkout. Surrounding E.U countries may be subject to an additional shipping cost/surcharge depending on the exact location of shipping address.



Orders to be shipped outside of the E.U are considered "International" by our warehouse and thus different costs and charges may apply depending on the orders weight, item count or total cost. International orders that are equal to or valued over 4,999.00 order weight not exceeding 1.8kg will qualify for free shipping and have their order shipped for free anywhere in the world. Orders valued over 4,999.00 with an order weight exceeding 1.8kg will be charged an 139.00  for each additional kilogram. International orders that have a value amount under 4,999.00 will not qualify for free shipping and customer will be charged an additional 379.00 for every 1.8kg.



Shipping within E.U 

Shipping orders to locations within the E.U will in most cases take between 1 to 3 days, but depending on your exact location this may vary. Shipping to locations within Scandinavia will generally arrive sooner than orders placed outside of Scandinavia. Below is shipping time estimates based on Country within E.U and surrounding countries:



Shipping Internationally 

Shipping orders to international locations (locations outside of the E.U – Europe) in some cases may take up to 14 days to reach you depending on your exact shipping location. Below is the international shipping time estimates based on Country. If your country is not listed, please refer to your neighbouring or surrounding country to be estimate shipment time. 



Import Tax 

If you're located outside of the E.U you may be subject to pay an Import Tax (duty) on your Brixtol order. This import tax is generally issued upon delivery. Brixtol will not be held accountable for this additional tax-charge and customer should be aware that he/she may be required to pay this additional tax when shipping to locations outside of Europe. In most cases you will be required to pay the fee to the delivery UPS worker. 

The import tax is a tax that an importer has to pay to bring foreign goods into his or her country. Import duty is also known as customs duty, tariff, or Import duty can be ad valorem, i.e. based on the value of the goods, or it can be specific, i.e. based on weight, dimensions, or other units of measure.